Slimefun 4 Plugin

The Busy Biscuit’s Slimefun 4 Bukkit Plugin And All Of It’s Add-Ons

There is a fabulous plugin (Slimefun 4); which is available for minecraft servers that you may enjoy.  It provides all sorts of wonderful new blocks, recipes, armor and fun!

A person titled mrCookieSlime started the development of this plugin, back in 2013.  Over the years, Slimefun 2, 3 and now 4 have been developed.   Each new update brings great features for all players to enjoy!

mrCookieSlime is now know in the plugin programming circles as TheBusyBiscuit. Over the course of these past few years, he has turned the development of the plugin over to a very active open source community.

This mini wiki here was created to provide more information about Slimefun 4 and the features it has.  Hopefully this information can help you make a better determination about rather Slimefun 4 is something that you’d like to include on your server.

This is a work in progress.  As we add new information about the items and fun provided with Slimefun 4, we will link to the added information here.  If an area is not linked yet, it means that we have not posted that information yet.  

Slimefun 4 Items List & Information:


The weapons provided with Slimefun 4 are amazingly awesome!  My favorite is of course Grandmas walking stick, it’s super easy to make & the recipe is very simple.  The walking stick has knock back II, and is an awesome weapon to use when you want to wack a zombie just to see it bounce back!  Click the weapons link above to check out all of the cool weapons you can use in game.  They are truly great!

Useful Items

Basic Machines




Magical Items

Magical Armor

Technical Components

Miscellaneous Items


Talismans (Tier I)

Magical Gadgets

Technical Gadgets

Ender Talismans (Tier II)

Energy & Electricity

GPS-Based Machines

Cargo Management


There are also some amazing slimefun 4 add-ons that you can install on your server.  These add-ons add even more minecraft fun and features to your minecraft server!

Slimefun 4 Addons:

Exotic Garden



Colored Ender Chests

Lucky Blocks

Hotbar Pets

Soul Jars

Electric Spawners

Private Storage

Chest Terminal


Extra Gear

Extra Heads

Slimefun Ore Chunks

Dyed Backpacks

Slimt Tree Taps

Mob Capturer


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