Play On These Fun Minecraft Servers For Free!

Play On These Fun Minecraft Servers For Free!

If you would like to play on different minecraft servers for free, then bookmark this page because new servers are added weekly!  This list will continue to grow as new servers are discovered.

There are so many minecraft servers to choose from.  Sometimes it’s hard to find one that is truly worth mentioning; yet there are some that deserve as much attention as they can get!

Are you tired of the typical grind?  Do you not like any kind of “wars” (skywars ~ bedwars ~ eggwars) because they are frustrating and simply not fun?  Do you look for servers that have stability? Servers where you can build massive builds and know that your creations are not going to disappear after some server reset?

If this is you, then here’s some options for you!

Yes You Can Play On All Of These Fun Minecraft Servers For Free!

The minecraft servers listed below meet certain criteria that I think is important to players who truly enjoy the Minecraft game. They have friendly players, fun features, zero or low lag, challenges beyond the normal and provide a great atmosphere for making new Minecraft friends!

The bonus of this is, I can find ZERO information on any of them where they reset the server so that players have to start from scratch!  You can be fairly sure that your builds will remain.  This is so that you can focus on having fun the way minecraft was intended to be played (with many extra features of course!)

The Land Of Zolth

Server Address:

The Land Of Zolth Lets You Play On It's Minecraft Servers For Free

Ok, I am partial to The Land Of Zolth simply because I am the admin of this server. 🙂 The Land Of Zolth is an RPG server that I created to provide a fun RPG experience that is fun, challenging and offers features not typically found in an RPG game.

When you first join the server you will find yourself at the spawn. From there, you can either jump into the portal at the well and begin your adventures.  You can also visit some of the local NPCs to see what fun things are provided for players.

The Land Of Zolth uses the ever popular Civs and Survival Plus plugins to provide more “real life” features in game.  Players get thirsty and tired.  They can even build epic civilizations with all sorts of shops, defenses and embassies.

The server has some of the friendliest players and staff on board.  It is also one of the most family friendly servers around.  Many will find it to be family friendly, and will discover that it will remain family friendly!

You can read more about The Land Of Zolth at You can even chat with me on the Zolth discord server! Click here to get your Discord invite!

Shadow Kingdom

Server Address:

Shadow Kingdom uses the ever popular towny plugin.  Towny provides a means for players to start a town.  They can then build it into a Kingdom that any player can be proud of!

From wars to mayhem, quests and crates, you’ll find Shadow Kingdom to be one of the most exciting and friendliest servers around.  It is also very family friendly, with extremely nice and mature players who welcome new players with very warm hellos!


Server Address:

When you first log onto the flishess server, you will view a beautiful spawn that has glowing NPCs that are there to provide information and features about this fun server.  Flishess also runs the popular towny plugin, so one can also start a town here and build it into a thriving city or kingdom!

Peaceful Farms

Server Address:

Peaceful farms provides a farming experience where players join together to build a farm, grow crops, accomplish missions and just have a great time!

This server stays fairly active with a lot of friendly players, and has a spawn area that is not confusing at all.

Once at the spawn area, a player can choose the potato or carrot server.  Once the player has selected a server, then the player is transported to that servers spawn.  There a player can begin the adventure, or visit the local NPCs to see what fun features are offered!

You Can Play On These Minecraft Servers For Free As Well!

Cultivate MC

Server Address:

Cultivate MC is another farming server that provides a very fun and relaxed playing experience.  The spawn is soothing, and most of the players are very friendly.  The only negative thing about this server is that the Skyblock server option is disabled.  Apparently it has been disabled for some time.  The error that appears when you try to visit the skyblocks server states that it’s coming in 2019.  That’s the only con I see about the server.


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