Play On One Of The Best RLCraft Servers Around!

If you want to take minecraft to a new level, then you are about to discover information about one of the best rlcraft servers online!  RLCraft is quite possibly one of the most difficult modpacks around.  It makes playing minecraft a totally unique, and quite horrifying experience imaginable!

I first noticed RLCraft when I was browsing modpacks using my twitch app.  It peeked my interest so I decided to research it a bit.  The modpack was put together by Shivaxi .  The video that he provides at Curseforge pretty much sums up what one will experience when they first begin playing RLCraft.



Determining Which Could Be Considered The Best RLCraft Servers Online Was Hard

Throughout the video, the player is dying…..CONSTANTLY.  Day, night, water, land, desert….it doesn’t matter.  The video makes it very clear that when you play this game, you are going to DIE!

The person who created the video is very light-hearted and humorous about the many deaths one will experience with RLCraft.   The video literally had me laughing so much that my family thought I had lost my marbles.

I so much wanted to play this game, that I spent an obscene amount of time researching how to survive.  Figuring out how to survive was a task that googled a lot.  Then I downloaded the game.  Certainly I was SURE that I had completed my research properly enough to where I absolutely WOULD NOT DIE!

The RLCraft Guide To Surviving The Nightmare

Once RLCraft was downloaded onto my computer, I decided to try single player.  I log in, and immediately found myself near a very well constructed village!  I quickly ran into a house, walked around a bit to look out the windows (to get an idea of my surroundings) then I proceeded to just rest.  And rest I did.  30 minutes later, I was still hiding in the house, resting quietly, very smug about the fact that I did not die YAY!!!

Then I noticed a line of water droplets to the right of my heart bar, right above the chicken legs.  The bar was down to 2 drops of water!


With no canteen, no water bottle, NOTHING from which to gather some water with to parch my blithering thirst!  As I ran outside, in a panic, to try and find a chest I may could raid…..and then something, I have NO IDEA what it was, but SOMETHING let out this horrible roar…..and within a second, a great big RESPAWN message was staring me in the face.

Yep, I died.  By what? I have no idea.  Was it fast? Yep.  Pain-free? Nope, the pain in my heart was wrenching…all that research was for naught…I did not survive once I left my little shelter that I was hiding in like a scared little chicken.

I logged out of single player thinking “OK…maybe I will do better if I find a good team” and set course to locating a server I could play on, that would hopefully have other players that would help me on my troublesome journey.

RLCraft Is One Epic Game Of Skill And Adventure That Just Cannot Be Beat!

The first server that I tried to play on, was HORRIBLE.  The admin at one time even threatened to ban another player for RTPing too many times too fast.  He said RTP was only allowed every 30 minutes and if the player continued to do that, they would ban the player.  I guess that admin did not know how to configure RTP to automatically disallow it until 30 minutes had passed (a reasonable solution).

The players (and admin) were as merciless as the mobs!  When I asked questions about how to improve my stone sword to iron, because it would not let me use iron, one player even said “You have to level up, and if you die, you wont level, so you have to FIGHT and keep dying until you actually level up”!

I thought to myself “Yeah, I kinda got that part DUMB***.  But I am leveled up, and still can’t use an iron sword, so you were no help at all.”  But I did not reply that in chat of course.  I simply logged out, and went to search for yet another server to play on!

Then I found the server of my dreams!  When I logged on, the spawn location was very easy to understand, the players greeted with warm welcomes, and honestly, I had me a GREAT time playing RLCraft for HOURS on that server (I still play on it to this day).  When I would ask a question, someone has always been helpful in providing an answer.  If I needed anyone to play with, there are usually volunteers.  The server is not packed, sometimes there are several players, sometimes none or only one.

Here’s what the spawn looks like, simple, elegant, relaxed, SHOPS!!!!!

There are a number of RLCraft servers.  If you truly want to play on the best RLCraft servers then this is one that you can consider to be at the top of your list!  But if you are looking for a truly grand server to play RLCraft on, then look no further! is a server you will love!  It does not lag, there are no bans for RTPing.  In fact, if you try to RTP too much, you will get a message.  The message will inform you that you can’t run the command for a short period of time.  It will not be for 30 minutes, it appears that the default is 3.  Yes, this admin knows how to run a server.

Did I die while playing on this server? YES…a lot!!

What makes this server better than single player?  Well, you have other players to chat with and team with of course.  There are also shops where you can buy food!!!  Trying to acquire food is such a difficult task, that yeah, the shops alone makes it a GREAT server if you desire to enjoy RLCraft to it’s fullest!

While playing on this server I discovered that there are many random areas that one can find shelter when in need.  The mobs, although aggressive as such, are like typical minecraft mobs.  If you do not walk too close, they do not see you.  I was able to stand on the balcony of my home and watch 2 dragons from afar.  They were harmless enough…..well until I decided to leave my home and walk a bit closer to get a better view of them.  Yep, sudden death, no mercy, happened so fast I did not have time to blink!

You can access the server from their address :

If you decide to play on this server, maybe we can team up together and DIE together (yes, you will die lol).  You can join me on Discord by clicking my discord banner below.  When you join my discord, we can discuss ways that we can build a mighty team together that is determined to defeat the game!


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